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Matthew Bettelheim {author}
naswbks_1311_Bettelheim_author_photoAuthor Matthew Bettelheim is a San Francisco Bay Area science writer, wildlife research biologist, and natural historian. It was an interest in California legless lizards (Anniella pulchra) that first drew Matthew’s interest to the Antioch Dunes. Still, the troubled past and uncertain future of this tiny refuge and the shrinking list of endemic plants and insects – of which the Lange’s metalmark butterfly is the closest thing the dunes have in the way of charismatic megafauna – have nevertheless found a place in his herpetologically cold-blooded heart. Matthew’s writing portfolio includes feature articles in Bay NatureBerkeley Science ReviewInkling MagazineEarth Island Journal, and Outdoor California, not to mention the inkshed he commits on the pages of his own blog, (bio)accumulation [http://bioaccumulation.wordpress.com].
Nicole Wong {illustrator}

NMW_profilepicIllustrator Nicole Wong is in love with nature and expresses this excitement through her art. She studied science illustration, and before that, wildlife biology. Though a proud native to the San Francisco Bay Area, Nicole is currently exploring the opposite coast, freelancing in Brooklyn, New York. You can find more of her animal drawings on her website, http://nicolemwong.com.

The Friends of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge {publisher}

image002Following the success of author Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen and illustrator Diane Adams’A Home for Salty about a saltmarsh harvest mouse searching for a home in the coastal marshes of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, in 2010 the Friends of San Pablo National Wildlife Refuge began exploring the idea of a second children’s book, this time about the unique assemblage of rare and endangered plants and insects at the neighboring Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge. From this idea was born the story Sardis & Stamm.

The Friends of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an independent, non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization that supports the Antioch Dunes, San Pablo Bay, and Marin Islands National Wildlife Refuges. The Friends promote natural resource conservation, foster public understanding, and engage in activities that will assist the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to meet its mandates to restore, enhance, protect and preserve the wildlife and its environment. Jointly, we strive to provide educational opportunities, increase public awareness, involvement, appreciation and enjoyment of our National Wildlife Refuges.


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Lange's Metalmark Butterfly

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