Contra Costa Wallflower

Contra_Costa_wallflowerWallflower The Contra Costa wallflower (Erysimum capitatum angustatum) is a flowering plant closely related to mustards and cabbages. The lifespan of the biennial Contra Costa wallflower is limited to two years; after its second year, the wallflower scatters its seeds in the wind before the plant dies. The Contra Costa wallflower grows only on the sandy, north-facing slopes of unstable cliffs and bluffs along the San Joaquin River’s edge. Pollinators that visit bright bursts of yellow flowers atop the wallflower’s tall, slender stalk include halictid and other bee species. The Contra Costa wallflower is endemic to the Antioch Dunes and, although the dune bluffs are choked with weeds, the wallflower continues to thrive where steep, sandy bluffs persist.

Contra Costa Wallflower Listing Status: Federally Endangered


Lange's Metalmark Butterfly

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